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Thursday - Candy Floss [24 Jul 2014|06:17pm]

This is Candy from CandyFloss Entertainment. She makes candyfloss, does balloon modelling and dance parties too!
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Wednesday - Todays Harvest [24 Jul 2014|06:05pm]

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Tuesday - Stall at Great Central Railway [23 Jul 2014|06:40am]

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Sunday - View from Hotel Room [23 Jul 2014|06:32am]

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Saturday - Special Jewellery Purchase [23 Jul 2014|06:28am]

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Friday - Seaside Inspired [23 Jul 2014|06:24am]

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Thursday - Today on the Allotment [17 Jul 2014|01:44pm]

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Custom Cat Brooch [16 Jul 2014|04:21pm]
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Pink Skull and Crossbones Brooch [16 Jul 2014|12:56pm]

Finished making this brooch this morning.
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Tuesday - Tomato Triffids [15 Jul 2014|08:46pm]

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[15 Jul 2014|08:35am]

Shuffling around the greenhouse and giving the shelves a good clean
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[12 Jul 2014|08:12pm]

Saturday - Colour Inspiration for today
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Things I found in the Supermarket Car Park Today [11 Jul 2014|01:23pm]

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[10 Jul 2014|12:30pm]

So far today has been mainly composed of answering the doorbell to delivery men and women, and learning about SEO to try to make my Etsy listing better.

But my new business cards arrived which put my mind at ease as I was down to 4 of my old style cards and have quite a few events coming up very shortly.
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My Stall at Leicestershire Agricultural Show [05 Jul 2014|09:10pm]

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[02 Jul 2014|12:27pm]
Today's task in hand. A moss green bracelet with ceramic heart.

The next question is, what clasp do I use? a loop to go around the heart as a toggle, or a magnetic clasp hidden behind the heart?

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Mushroom Mushroom! [02 Jul 2014|06:10am]

Found a visitor in the lawn.
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[01 Jul 2014|12:20pm]
Don't flags have the most amazing colour schemes?

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Pebbles [30 Jun 2014|09:24am]
I must have a thing about pebbles at the moment. I made a little pebble tower on the beach at Borth on the way home from Ireland, and was inspired by it to start making this necklace.

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[30 Jun 2014|09:19am]

Will I find a nice walk out today as lovely as last week? I like to have a nice wander every now and again to recharge
 my batteries ready to to start being creative again.
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